A Backgammon Checkers Strategy

When I play backgammon, I have a weird strategy where I look at the backgammon checkers as friends, and I don’t want to lose a friend.

I know, it sounds funny, but it works because my strategy is always to block my opponent’s paths and hit his checkers without losing mine. If I start getting my checkers hit, I always end up in trouble because I’m terrible at getting them out; that’s a big reason why I stick to a cautious game as opposed to a running game.

But, when I view the backgammon checkers as more than checkers, it helps me remain patient, and I am therefore less apt to running them up the board and leaving them wide open for a devastating hit. Luckily for me, lots of people I play today take to running games no matter what. That’s where I do best, since if you’re moving fast, you open yourself up to being hit. When I play against other players who play a priming game, it’s hard. But when they are moving fast, I just go about building walls and work my best to pick their checkers off. It’s a backgammon checker strategy, I guess.

Of course, I’m still working on my running game. I started playing free online backgammon as a way to try it out risk-free, and it’s going pretty good. But it’s hard to break a style of playing, so it will probably be some time before I move on to fast backgammon play. That’s fine with me; so far the slow game has done me well. In the meantime, I’ll keep playing backgammon online at places like Bkgm and get better one day at a time.

There are hundreds – if not thousands – of online casino and gaming websites that offer free backgammon games to Aussie players, so I can certainly take my pick from a wide variety of options. Some sites definitely have better services than others, and I am also very particular about software. I like to play at sites with advanced programming features and really sharp graphics, so I have really been enjoying visiting iPad Casino and trying my hand at so many different types of excellent backgammon software games and providers.

If you asked me to recommend just one place to learn more about blackjack, I would probably suggest making a visit to the iPad Casino. This site has one of the best backgammon setups available online, and you can sample all of the backgammon titles for free, at any time of day or night.

Finding The Best Free Online Casino

The choices seem to be endless!  There are advertisements everywhere, your inbox is full of free online casino offers and you have no idea how to make sense of any of it and how to know what the best choice is.

Let’s narrow it down.  First of all, it’s not hard to fine a free online casino as the software itself is always free.   This is the casino company’s investment in the player.  They pay a lot of money for the software license but because the player is already depositing money, they don’t ask for a fee in order to play.  This also means that a player can play for free at any of the free online casino choices, just once they download real money, they can play with and win real money.

There are a few key things to look for when you’re deciding which one to deposit money in.  The first one is that you have to like the software.  There are a few big software companies and you’ll see some repetition in the look and the feel of some of the sites, but that’s where the “personal touch” aspect comes in.

Customer service is critical.  A free online casino is only as good as the people behind it and I strongly recommend reading customer reviews.  Obviously everyone is going to have an opinion and usually it’s the cranky ones that love to rant and rave, but take some time and be objective but if you keep coming across bad customer service reviews for a given casino, chances are it’s probably best to stay away from it.

Check out if the casino has a VIP program.  If you’re looking to make one online casino your “home base” it’s good to know that you will get rewarded for loyalty!
Most have them.

Ultimately, just have fun choosing!  The best part about trying out a free online casino… is that it’s free!  You are never under any obligation and there are usually enough free chip offers so that you can try out at least a dozen different ones before finding a place to “settle down” and deposit.  Enjoy!

What is card counting?

In an online casino there are many casino games which amongst them you can also find the slots. But, the greatest of all is definitely Blackjack, because this game is not about gambling, it is about counting cards.
Card counting is an advanced strategy used mostly in the Blackjack game in order to change the odds to our favor. In fact, this method is used to refer to track the ratio of high cards and low cards in blackjack, .

However, card counting is not as complicated as it seems, you just need to follow a specific system and you are on the right track. But, usually you need to be few people in order to do it; otherwise you won’t be able to count properly. Meaning, if for example, you go to a table that started long time ago before you got to the table, how can you know which deck it is, if this particular table plays six decks? How do you identify a cool or a warm deck if you play alone? Well, the mission is then more difficult, that’s why you must have few players to act as spotters and one big player, in your case you.

Right and Wrong Bettors in Craps

Craps, considered to be the most famous casino dice game, is definitely a gambling game of luck and saying whether you are right or wrong is very difficult, this is how it is with luck based games.
However, when talking about right or wrong gamblers, it is not a matter of being a right or wrong. A right gambler is not one who is gambling properly or in an efficient way and a wrong gambler is not one who is cheating during the game. Right and wrong are used in the technical sense.

Technical sense is referred to the most popular bet in craps like the pass line bet. For instance; if the player throw ia 7 or an 11 then the automatically wins. If he throws a 2, 3 or 12 then the player automatically loses.

Now, if the roller rolls the point before a 7 then the rollers wins. If the roller rolls a 7 before the point then the roller loses. Players who gamble that the roller wins are called right gamblers and players who gamble that the roller loses are called wrong gamblers.

The Idea of being right gamblers and wrong gamblers is used as well ias at other various bets in craps. For example; the buy and lay bets. In these two bets the player pays a commission of 5% to the house in order to receive the correct payoff.

Finally, if you still do not understand the meaning of right or wrong, you’d better read gambling books or visit an online gambling site such as jackpotcity casino online site, there might be a brief explanation about this issue.